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Hospitality.  hotels, resorts, golf, private clubs, timeshare, restaurants, and travel industries.


We provide counsel to owners, operators, developers, brands, service providers, lenders, and investors on many industry-related issues, including:

  • Strategic planning

  • Development, acquisition, and disposition

  • Branding and licensing

  • Financing, refinancing, and restructuring

  • Operating and development agreements

  • Joint venture, partnership, and limited liability company agreements

  • Multi-state representations

  • Product and program structuring

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Dispute resolution

  • Management Agreements

Corporate. Offering guidance on corporate governance . Advising corporations, boards of directors, board committees, corporate officers, shareholders, limited liability companies, and others regarding best practices, composition, and procedures; oversight and self-evaluation systems; guidelines, and codes of conduct; fiduciary responsibilities; executive compensation and succession; financial reporting and internal investigations; and proxy statement preparation.

Privacy & Data Protection. Advising on compliance with applicable global privacy laws and regulations as well as on internal and customer-facing policies, procedures, and practices. Providing counsel on information management, data security issues, and regulatory requirements.

Real estate. Representing developers and owners before local, regional, and state agencies on zoning, land use, impact fees; transportation; and infrastructure requirements, as well as financing and other development-related issues.


FCPA. Providing counseling on overseas business practices and risk management.


 - Hotel Management Agreements
 - Purchase Agreements
 - Service Agreements
 - Shareholders Meetings documents and Corporate Books
 - Property Due Dilligence
 - Coordinate Labour and Tax lawyers
 - Franchise Agreements
 - Internet Service Agreements
 - Timeshare Agreements
 - Condominium Regulations and Regimen
 - Lease Agreements
 - Solve the claims from Individuals and Tour Operators
 - Registry of trademarks
 - Negotiate with the local Unions
 - Joint Venture Agreements

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